​​8-11-2014 New molds complete... Now we are pouring parts and checking assembly...

8-15-2014 Posted video of new mechanical arms on video page!!

8-19-2014 Posted possible ripstop color choices on "Chute Color Layout" page. We have ripstop in transit from this company for testing.. If it works it will help us keep the cost down plus they have a great choice of colors.. Working on assembly times of both Hi-performance Skydiver and Standard Skydiver so we can get our pricing put together and listed on "Products" page..

8-22-2014 Posted pictures on this page of some of the assembly of the new body box and Mechanical Arms...

8-22-2014 "REMINDER" If you keep your Skydiver chute packed while he is at home or even if you keep him hanging up but pack him up to head to the field.... ALWAYS unpack the chute and open it up and then repack it just before your ready to drop!!!!!!

8-26-2014 Just finished pouring plastic for 7 Skydivers.. Should have pics and prices up by Wed.

11-25-2014 well I have to apologize for not being on here more lately.. As you know our Skydivers are hand made and I have found out what its like to get hit with a lot of orders all at once.. Mind you Im not complaining, actually very excited!! While trying to get Jumpers completed I've been trying to train people to help me with construction.. Thank you to all of those who are being patient while I work to keep things moving in a timely manner.. Be back soon!! 

For those of you who are overseas it would be best to email me with your name and mailing address so we can calculate your shipping cost.. Thanks Ken (fly101@msn.com)

12-3-2014  Working on last 3 jumpers that need to ship this week... My new trainiee is doing great sewing Chutes going to sew a few chute packs tonight and see how she does with them..  Just loaded several new video's to the Video Page...

12-14-2014 Just completed mold for servo tray.. Catching up with orders.. ready to ship two jumpers once the correct servos arrive.. I have two higher torque servos on the way to try out with the new mechanical arms.. In higher wind conditions I believe I'm noticing the arms stalling in certain situations... Uploaded Videos and pictures from the Muncie R/C Skydiving Contest..

1-12-2015 Its hard to explane to someone how much trial and error actually went into and R/C Skydiver to get it to the point you feel comfortibale selling them one... I can tell you ive been working with dropping parachutes and working on R/C Skydivers since the early 70's and even the littlest of changes can make an incredible defference and not always for the good... I recently made a small change on the size of our chute pack to help with making chute packing a little easier and went from no dirt dives and no tangles in over 165 drops to having 2 tangles and a dirt dive within a 5 drop outing.. even though it let me test the strength of the new body box and mechanical arms,, "nobody likes a dirt dive"... This caused a slight delay in production but with everything sorted out we are back up and running... If weather would work with us a little it wouldn't have been a delay at all... I would like to thank everyone for your patience!! 

1-15-2015 Just posted my first attempt at a chute packing video... (Mr. Fumble fingers) I will be making another chute packing video in the next day or two.. It takes practice getting a neat pack and the chute I was using is brand new which made it on the stiff side getting it folded..

1-27-2015 Below are pictures of my drop box that is mounted to the bottom of my fuselage.. I'm also working on set of drawings to give you a full size printout of the parts for this drop box which can be used as a single box mounted under or in the fuselage or as a double drop box setup mounted on aluminum tubes which slide through the fuselage.. I assembled the box with super glue then coat everything with epoxy.. the servo is mounted with two way foam tape and tie straps.. The release rod runs through a piece of brass tubing.. The rod requires a little bending to get everything to slide smoothly and when it pulls to release it must pull slightly into the brass tube.. Im working on the plugs needed to mount them on a friends vacuum forming table and we will have some drop boxes made out of ABS plastic... I always like to try and save time on the building part so we can spend more time flying our skydivers.. !! Aim High and Blue Skies !!

2-16-2015 I think I know why the German skydiver producers always said there delivery time was 9 months!! that way when you got it in less than 4 months everyone was happy!! Our skydivers are hand made with years of design and testing .. Each material used to build our skydivers has reason behind it.. Everything you put on a skydiver has to be designed as to not allow for lines to get hung on when the chute is opening.. Even the position of the on off switch is were lines will not snag on it causing a tangle or even turning the skydiver off .. A resent chute pack change resulted in several tangles that we had to stop production and sort out the problem before proceeding... My goal has always been to grow the sport of R/C Skydiving and to do this I work hard at keeping the price down, to keep the price down means I have to build as much of each skydiver myself.. hopefully one day our sales will grow to a point I can make this my fulltime job and be able to get jumpers out the door quicker.. We are almost caught up and hope to have some Skydivers prebuilt ready to sell.. Looking forward to Joe Nall 2015 in May, from what I've heard we have quit a few RC Skydivers coming and if Gary V. brings his target we might get to have some target practice.. Aim High and Blue Sky!!!

6-3-2015 Ok I found a few minutes to come up for air!! I'm excited because all the orders I've gotten tell me that R/C Skydiving is growing in leaps and bounds!! My girlfriend is mastering the art of sewing rip-stop and my son is learning how to clean molds and pour plastic.. I've gotten some instructions re-done and posted on the new page here on the website, the page is called (INSTRUCTIONS).. I will always look for customer input so if you see something in the instructions that is hard to understand or you see a better way to explain it, please email me at fly101@msn.com and let me hear from you..

NOTE: I'm working hard and getting close to having orders caught up, this should in turn give me the time to sit down and use the feedback I've been getting to update the website and explain things better.. One of the main updates will be about the time it will take to get an order out the door.. We are still learning things like how long it can take to get an order of Rip-Stop when there are times that there could be a rip-stop shortage.. Plastic is the same way, it has a short shelf life and only so much is made each a time.. All this has to factor in to delivery times.. I have been building skydivers in groups of six so when a customer pays the 1/2 down to be put on the production list they could be in the next group of six or the fifth or sixth group of six, this is were we were a few months ago... With orders getting close to being caught I hope to start making skydivers between orders so we can offer Skydivers ready to go.. Don't forget to check out the new Skydiver Instruction page.. All I can ask is that everyone please continue to be patient as we learn and grow..  Aim High and Blue Sky!!!

7-28-2015 While at Joe Nall 2015 we met the guys from Dymond USA and have teamed up with them to supply our flight pack components.. There servos have held up to using a 7.4 volt li-po battery which when fully charged is putting out around 8 volts.. The torque is well over 190 in oz.. and has greatly improved the speed and torque of the arms.. They carry the 2.4 micro 6 channel recievers for most all radio brands.. Below is a picture of the complete flight pack.. 

We have completed the new molds for our new body box.. This new body box lets you use either the standard or mechanical arms and also allows room for a free fall release servo and anything else you might want to squeeze in..

" Whats Happening " 
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